Wedding Season is Upon Us

Wedding Season is Upon Us

In the U.S., most weddings take place in the Spring. According to popular website The Knot, most weddings take place during May and June. So, even though there might be snow on the ground and the skies are gray, it’s not too soon to be thinking about save the date postcards.


It’s important to get your save the date cards out early. Air fares go up precipitously the closer you get to the date of the flight. Also, your guests will need time to arrange for time off from work, arrange for babysitters, house sitters or pet sitters, and buy new clothes. The more time you give your guests to plan for your wedding, the better.


The easiest and most economical way to create save the date postcards is to use an online website. These sites provide a myriad of save the date postcard templates that you can use. So, how do you choose the template that’s right for you and your intended?


First, look for a template that fits with you and your fiance’s style. If you are city folk and are planning a sophisticated city wedding, then a save the date postcard template that features a barn and a hay bale probably won’t be right for you. If you’re planning a backyard wedding, then a template featuring a beach scene probably won’t be ideal.


Select a template style that fits with the intended style of your wedding. Many templates feature the style of a particular era, such as the Victorian, art nouveau, 1960s and 1940s. If you’re going to be wearing a Victorian wedding dress, then a Victorian-themed card will be right for you.


For those planning a destination wedding, look for a save the date postcard template that features scenes similar to your destination. Scenes such as a beach, snowy landscape, or the Golden Gate Bridge can be especially appropriate, depending on your destination.


Look for templates that feature images of things that are meaningful to you, your fiance and guests. Templates feature images of flowers, plants, art and even fish.


Finally, look for a save the date postcard template that includes the colors you want for your wedding. If you haven’t chosen your wedding colors yet, a save the date postcard template can be a great source of inspiration: from shades of pink and blue, to sophisticated gray and orange, to eye-catching yellow and blue, to funky black and green.


Selecting a save the date postcard template, printing your cards, and getting your them out early will set on on the right path to an easy, worry-free wedding. Your wedding day is likely to be stressful enough, your save the date postcards don’t have to be.