The Most Famous Football Wives

The Most Famous Football Wives

Being married to a celebrity is not something that one can get used to unless of course they too are a celebrity then they can both manage to handle the pressure that they get. That is why most athletes and sportspeople are married to people who are in the same circles. And for this post, we shall look at some of the most famous football wives. Some of which were famous even before they got married.

Famous Football Wives

Victoria Beckham

When talking of football wives, the first pe4osn to come into the mind if people is Victoria Beckham. And as we mentioned earlier, before she got married she was already famous. She was a Spice Girl who had already managed to generate enough fame for herself. After having married David Beckham, well that fame quadrupled. The pair have four children together and they have both ventured into the world of fashion.


Columbian singer Shakira was already well known all over the world before she got hitched. Married to Gerald Pique, the pair are famous and have become the role model for most football couples. They began their romance in 2010 when Shakira was filming the video for Waka Waka – This Time for Africa and they now have two children together. Waka Waka- This Time for Africa is a great song, which leads us to wonder if there any online casino games at top online usa casinos that use the song as a theme song.

Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi, who has won the Ballon d’Or five times is married to his childhood sweet Antonella Roccuzzo. They are both from the same city and one interesting fact about this couple is that Antonella has known Messi ever since they were five years old. They got married in 2017 and now have three children together.

Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney, who is also known for playing at best payout online casino UK sites, also managed to get hitched to his childhood sweetheart Collen, the two have known each other ever since they were teenagers. They have four children together and they have remained together despite all the public disputes and the trials that they have gone through.