The Best Christmas Party Games Everyone Will Love

The Best Christmas Party Games Everyone Will Love

As we continue playing online casino games for real money, let us keep in mind that we are also a few months away to the festive season. Christmas is now around the corner, and to those who value this amazing time the right time to prepare is now. You can use your real money casino games winnings to buy a few items.

Therefore, the million dollar question is that, how are you preparing this amazing time and have fun with your family? Well, we are sure you have something up your sleeves but we would love to add on to your list some exciting games.

On that note, let’s share with you some exciting Christmas party games that everyone will enjoy. Naughty or Nice, we all love good party games that will allow us to create some good memories.

Candy Canes (Holiday Spoons)

To enjoy this game, you will need a deck of cards and 3 or more people. Circle around a heap of candy canes, with one less than the number of players. There is also a similar game at some casino online sites.

However, everyone will take turns to pull their cards. The aim is to be the first one to get four of a kind of a four Kings. Once you do that, you are able to take a candy cane. After that, everyone else races to get the remaining candy.

Thereafter, if there is anyone who does not get a candy, then it surely means that person will be eliminated. The cycle goes on until there is only one winner.

Santa Limbo

This game is very simple. All you need to do is to place a limbo stick at a starting height. After that, simply line up one by one, try it and dive underneath with a Santa Belly. Do this until everyone around has attempted. Continue lowering the stick until there is one winner remaining.

It’s actually going to be a different Christmas time whilst in lockdown. But with the best family games surely you will never go wrong, especially if you do it with the right people.