Slot Machine Strategy - Guide - 2017

Slot Machine Strategy – Guide – 2017

Let’s fix one thing right away: There is no special slot game that makes you a winner on the slots – the game itself is all about winning. However, there are some good tips on how to maximize their chances to win, avoid pitfalls and get the best entertainment value. Below you will find our tips and advice!

It often happens that casino players try to convince you that they know a strategy to win your favorite game. This may be more likely to be at stake like Video Poker (“The Thinking Man’s Slots”), Blackjack or Roulette, and unfortunately less at Slots, but their ideas are usually based on superstitiousness and myths (or someone trying to fool you with a non-functioning slot system).

It does not help kicking the machine a bit when investing in money on
online casinos and winning chances do not increase if you play on a machine where other players lost a lot. However, there may be something in the casinos always placing the machines with the lowest payouts near the exit or at the vending machines. It seems logical when the casinos would like the players to keep up to low-pay slots. But it is still unclear how much truth lies in it.

One thing that you can count on, however, is that the payout is lower on slots where the theme is taken from the film or music world. Since game producers usually have to pay rights money to use such themes, it becomes more expensive to develop that type of game. So avoid these slots, if you are not looking for entertainment in the first place, of course.

What else can you do to improve their winning chances at the slots?

Here are some tips:

Try to play free casino games before you make money

We really can not recommend you more than enough to test any free slots before you decide to put your own money as a bet. Finding slot machines you can play for free is actually really easy. Read our guide and try to play a couple of free casino games.

Survivors adhere to their budget and do not deviate

If you want to play for a long time, it’s the easiest way to choose a slot game that fits your game box and budget, as it will inevitably make the higher the amount of effort you make in relation to your budget, the faster it will be time to give up and go home. Although it should be obvious, many players run out of their own right early in the evening by becoming freaky, self-contented and taking unnecessary risks. The bigger your bet is in relation to your budget, the greater the risk of losing everything and having to stop playing. To be superfluous: If you have 1,000 dollars to play, you should of course bet more carefully than if you had for example 100, 000 dollars.

The basic rule you must stick to if you try to play wisely is to ALWAYS decide how much you are ready to lose BEFORE you start playing. The truth is that while this is not so hard to do, the hard bite is actually able to stick to the determined budget, something that is essential if you want to succeed in a long-term online slots game. For more tips on this and much, much more, read our article on how to manage your slot box.

Bet maximally without ruining yourself

When it comes to betting in the huge range of online slots there are two main choices you have to make:
• How much each coin should be worth
• How many coins to bet

Something that is important to remember from the very beginning is the fact that although it may sound like the exact same thing to bet a coin worth 10 dollars like betting four coins worth 2.50 dollars is the case that the latter option often gives a better chance to get a big win because you have practically multiplied your chances.

Once you find a level that suits your wallet, step down one step and then take the habit of always using the maximum amount of coins in your bet. So, instead of betting a $ 1 coin, bet the maximum number of quarters (25c). Most of the time, there are no differences in these two strategies, but if you qualify for the really high payouts you should bet max. Overall, you bet with better odds if you bet the maximum number of coins.