Most Popular football bets today

Most Popular football bets today

Thanks to the wide range of football, it has been dubbed the king of sports betting with several factors guarding it to make the best sport in betting. With no regard to the region, football is played all year round, there is always some number of teams playing against each other.

For example, the English Premier League offers up to 38 matches in a campaign and there is also a branch, which is the FA Cup, EFL Cup, and the Community Shield. They are all domestic matches. In addition to that, there are international competitions like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup. And for the national teams, there are tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, Copa America, FIFA confederations Cup, UEFA Euro, an Africa Cup of Nations. Following the availability of various matches all year round, football betting was dubbed the king of sports betting that has a lot to offer.

There are various football betting websites to help you place your bets, in this article, we will talk about the methods to bet on football.


BoyleSports Football Betting

At BoyleSports football betting website, there are tons of football matches you can place your bet on every single week in the sportsbook available there, there are different tabs for each type of matches, there are different tabs for each nationality, punters can easily navigate and place a bet on the football game they want.

BoyleSports football betting website covers every football leagues out there from the widely known European giants’ leagues like Premier League Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1 to even their lower divisions and other leagues around the world. You can place football bets today on single bets, like the final results of a game, players to score, etc. There is also the case where you can merge several bets that include different kinds of football bets on a single slip.


How to bet on Football? 

Although there are several hundreds of betting websites available freely on the internet that you can easily place your bet on, here at the BoyleSports Football betting website strive hard to provide one of the best odds followed up with a wide range of bets in the betting world.


Football Match Betting 

This is one of the most common types of football betting among football punters. Thanks to its popularity among fans, this type of bet is also known as the 1X2 bet. In this type of bet, there are three different outcomes in football; win, draw, or lose. (1) is when you favour the home team to win, (X) is when you expect a draw from both sides while (2) is when you expect the away team to win. With its fame, this match bet is mostly seen at the top of every sportsbook based on football betting, because this is how most fans/punters expect the game to end. As one of the best betting companies in the market, this type of match bet is available on the BoyleSports Football Betting website.


Football Double Chance

Double Chance is also a popular form of betting on football betting. This is a type of betting that predicts two different outcomes in a single match. This type of betting was singled out to punters that like a bet with reduced risk as you can place a bet on a team to win and draw at the same time. Although this boosts your chances of winning to a good percentage, the odds they offer is relatively low. Should Arsenal be playing a match against Liverpool at their home Emirates Stadium and you chose to play a double chance on the Gunners (1X), your bet will be won should Arsenal win or draw. The best part of this type of betting is you can choose (12) which means you won the bet regardless of who becomes victorious in the match. But if they happen to draw, you lost the bet.

There are still several popular match bets on football betting like the Handicap, Asian Handicap, and so on, but in the end, we can all say the (1X2) bets gave birth to all different types of bets in football bets today.