Get active with a new weekend hobby

Get active with a new weekend hobby

For the majority of us employment traps us in a car or at the desk, and it’s not healthy. Long hours spent sitting in busy city traffic, followed by a day tied to a desk, computer or phone, all lead to a general lack of exercise.

At the same time we’re bombarded with news about the importance of staying active and keeping fit. The simple fact of the matter is that’s is hard to balance work and lifestyle commitments whilst staying fit and healthy.

Not everyone has the time (or money) to attend a gym on a regular basis, and whilst you might have the finances available for an indoor bike or treadmill, they take up valuable living space. Going for a run or playing football after work can be fun on balmy summer evenings, but as winter nights draw in and the temperature starts to plummet the thought of getting outdoor exercise often isn’t a high priority.

And thus exercise and keeping active tends to get shunted to the weekend; a quick run around the park, walking to and from the shops, a spot of gardening if the time allows.

But what about some excitement, a new challenge? A new weekend activity or hobby that will get you out and about into the great outdoors and start the blood pumping again?

There are now lots more people trying new adventurous actives these days such as boogie boarding, surfing, sea kayaking and kite boarding. If you live near to the coast it’s a crime not to visit the beach and get some invigorating sea air into your lungs, whether it’s just a weekend walk along the beach or more full-on exercise organised by an activity centre (although if you can, try to avoid the temptation of fish and chips whilst you’re there).

But what about those of us who are landlubbers, or want to try something new but a little less frenetic and immersive as a dunking in the sea? The countryside (even if it’s a train, bus or car journey away) offers so much scope for those looking for a new weekend activity or a change in lifestyle.

If you’ve tried golf and considered it a good walk spoilt, or the thought of hurtling down a hill on a mountain bike terrifies you, and you’re not keen on contact sport or getting worked up into a sweat, there are other countryside pursuits and lifestyles that may provide you with the weekend fresh air and activity that you need.

Traditional fieldsports, such as pheasant and grouse shooting, are no longer just for wealthy lords, ladies and land owners. A younger generation is taking up this traditional sport and enjoying the riches that the countryside to offer. And it’s not all about driving to a hill and waiting around for pheasants to appear – many fieldsports require a half or full days hiking as a game keeper guides participants to different locations to try their hand shooting different game.

It’s a chance to try a different lifestyle, get outdoors, be more active, practice a new skill and in addition to being about to enjoy beautiful countryside whilst getting some much needed exercise, you can also take home the game birds that you shoot. There’s nothing more rewarding than a hard earned meal, but it’s even more special of you hunted the game as well!

A more active and energetic fieldsport is deer stalking – this requires longer hikes, greater patience, a better understanding of tracking techniques, and a much higher level of gun skill. If you fancy a weekend outdoors, then this could be the new lifestyle choice for you.

And if you’re thinking that all these fieldsports costs money and need lots of expensive equipments that’s not the case. Shoot organisers rent out equipment and guns, and many offer tuition during a day’s shooting. There’s also no commitment (unlike gym membership) and at many shoots you only pay for the game birds that you bag.

So if you want to get more active at the weekend you can either try something new in order to get more exercise, or even try something traditional as a way of making that all important healthy lifestyle change.