Diet Plan for Anemia

Diet Plan for Anemia

Many people around the world suffer from anemia at some point in their life. Anemia in simple terms is a result of having inadequate red blood cells. This can be a result of blood loss, the body’s inability to make up enough red blood cells.

Anemia has different but the most common one is iron deficiency anemia. In most cases a protein known as haemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells, causes it. Haemoglobin is made up of iron hence, without sufficient iron; the body will not be able to create more red blood cells.

Good news is that you don’t need a jackpot from high roller casino online sites and it can be solved by having an iron rich diet as well as taking iron supplements. In this article, we look at the diet plan for anemia.

Leafy Greens

If you have anemia you should introduce leafy greens in your diet. Especially the dark ones they are one of the best sources for iron. There are different types of leafy greens so the good thing is you get to choose the one that you are comfortable having frequently.

However, in as much as leafy greens are rich in iron one must understand that they work differently. Hence there may be need to consult your doctor before taking them.

Meat and Poultry is Advisable to add on the Diet Plan for Anemia

Most if not all meat and poultry, products contain heme iron. That is red meat and lamb are the best source for iron. Poultry and chicken contain lower amounts of iron hence eating them with leafy greens and fruits rich in vitamin c will increase iron absorption. Maybe after winning a jackpot from sites such as, you can buy red meat in bulk and store it in the freezer since it’s expensive.


Another great source of iron is organ meat though many people are not comfortable having it. Liver is popular among organ meat and proved to be a great source of iron. Other iron rich organ meats include heart, kidney and beef tongue.