Appropriate BTTS selections

Appropriate BTTS selections

As bookmakers are always looking to provide new ways for their customers to bet, the variety of betting markets will always continue to expand. This has meant that while backing a team to win their next match is still a key part of betting on football, it’s not the only way of placing money on that fixture and you can now back practically any outcome.

From the many extremely specific outcomes you can back, the Both Teams To Score market has been one that punters have become quite fond of, as it’s applicable in a lot of football fixtures and it’s more flexible than backing either team to win. All you need to win a BTTS bet is see each side scoring at least once in ninety minutes, and the final score or match result has absolutely no impact as long as neither side achieve a clean sheet.

What are the perks to backing BTTS bets?

We’ve already established that the match result and final score is irrelevant, which is enough of a reason to get involved by itself, but there’s more than one reason why it’s such a popular market. One factor that encourages so many people to get involved is the flexibility of it. Your Win / Draw / Win bet could still land if it’s a 0-0 draw and the team you’ve backed score late on but more often than not, it will be defined by how each team plays through the full match.

Both Teams To Score bets are different to this as it could still win even if one team are losing 8-0, as long as they score late on. This makes it even more worthwhile as you can follow it even into the dying minutes, and it could still win even if the team who are yet to score haven’t played particularly well. You’ll find this from websites like FootyAccumulators, who wisely choose Both Teams To Score tips based on past results and current form of the teams they’ve selected.

What do good Both Teams To Score selections look like?

As much as your BTTS tips can go right to the final minutes of the chosen football match and still win based on a single goal, they can also lose with the same level of drama. To avoid this being the case for your bet, there are ways of identifying the perfect Both Teams To Score selections to get behind. It’s best to base these bets around games where each team is as likely to score as they are to be incapable of defending. This is perfect for games where the bigger team is playing away from home and where each team has a strong attack but a flimsy defence.