When can you sue the owner in case of staircase injury

When can you sue the owner in case of staircase injury

When the elevator is down for some reason, you will have to take the staircase instead. Sometimes, you just fall from the staircase and have some injuries. There are many of the people who are thinking if they are allowed to sue the owner of the apartment or the complex or not.

There are many scenarios that we can take over here such as was there any fault in the staircase or were they dangerous and what did the owner do in order to fix that issue.

Dangerous staircase

The first factor here that everyone should see before getting into any decision is was there and anger in the staircase. This means that was there anything about the staircase that voted the building code or something. If yes, you must see the second factor.

Along with the complication with the building code, you will also need to see the other thing such as were there proper lighting at night or the staircase were slippery or not.

Once you have seen all of these things and if you see that the owner is at fault, you can sue them. If not, you will have to take care next time you take the staircase instead of the elevator.

Steps were taken

The second factor that you should check out is if the issue was addressed to the owner of the building. If yes, you will need to further see what steps did the owner take in order to fix that issue.

If the issue was simple, it would have been fixed in a small amount of time. Whereas if there was more time needed, they must add some of the cautions in the staircase saying the staircase is slippery or handrail is broken or missing.

Now, if the owner had those things were written somewhere near the staircase and the accident happened, you can’t do anything. As in such cases, it was not because of the owner’s carelessness but the accident caused due to your carelessness. Therefore, if you are the one at fault, you can’t do anything.

If the owner is at fault

As discussed, if you found out that the owner is at fault and you can contact Fisher & Talwar and sue the owner. Once you file a case against them, you will be able to get all the expenses of the damage that was caused. If the injury was more, you will get the hospital expenses, bills, salaries and wages that you missed out for not being present at the work. Moreover, you might also get some of the money as claim as a recovery of pain and suffering that you have been through. Most importantly, the issues will be fixed and the problems that you faced will not be faced by any other people in the complex or the one who is using the complex. If you are not yet sure whether you can sue the owner or not, you can contact a lawyer to find out.