What Volleyball Equipment Do You Absolutely Need?

What Volleyball Equipment Do You Absolutely Need?

The popularity of volleyball is pretty high. This is a sport that can be pretty painful though so as an aspiring player you do need to be careful about the equipment you choose. The volleyball equipment that is presented below is always highly recommended if you want to prevent injuries and make it easier to improve as a player.

The Solid Ball

Most people believe that volleyballs are always the same or that they are not important. That is definitely not the case. The ball you choose in volleyball is very important. The really good one is going to reduce the pain that you feel when you keep hitting it. When the volleyball game is happening indoors, the leather ball is the one that should be preferred. You do not use it outside as it can be easily damaged and will become wet. Cloth balls are suitable when the leather ball is not available. In outdoor volleyball games the best option is the ball made out of synthetic leather.

Knee Pads

These are vital as they will prevent you from being injured. It is important to buy them based on experience and age. Younger athletes need to utilize the thicker pads as their experience is low and diving for a ball can become dangerous. If you are an older athlete, your knowledge is higher and a thinner pad can be enough. Burns and bruising will be prevented with knee pads so you do need to have them every single time you play volleyball.

Ankle Braces

Unfortunately, few volleyball players realize how important the ankle braces are. Remember that the one injury that is the most common in this sport is the sprained ankle. Ankle braces help you to avoid this as they offer the protection you need during the game. Statistics show they reduce injury possibility by around 40%, which is so much more than what many believe. This is why there are many coaches that consider ankle braces mandatory for their team.

Good Volleyball Shoes

You always want to have the very best volleyball shoes in this sport. Such shoes will include gum rubber soles in order to offer high traction and will protect you when you move from one side to the other. Front shoe padding will be thick so continuous jumping will not lead to pain. Always focus on the volleyball shoes that have low heels and are made out of high quality leather. Sprains are thus prevented as really good top support is offered.

Duffle Bag

The last essential volleyball equipment you need is the duffle back since you want to be organized with all your items while having easy access. Choose one that is really simple to carry. In most cases the players want one that is backpack style since weight would be distributed on both of the shoulders. Try to find one with many pockets and compartments so that you can carry everything that you need with you for practice or for games.