West Ham Appointed Pellegrini as Manager

West Ham Appointed Pellegrini as Manager

David Sullivan, West Ham’s joint chairman, confirmed that the club has appointed Manuel Pellegrini as their manager. The 64-year-old manager has also signed a 3-year contract to help the club gain their victory on the field.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester City manager joined West Ham after leaving his former position at Hebei China Fortune. As one of the world’s most famous manager, West Ham sure expects a lot from Pellegrini. He is a manager with winning mentality. He may hold the key for West Ham victory in the future. In his recent interview with the media, Pellegrini said that after difficult time West Ham had last season, it is time for the club to wake up and play the real football, the one that will delight their fans. He also believes that now it is time for West Ham to play offensive and reach whatever target that lies in front of them.

West Ham has already had great players, but they still lack some key factors to win the competition. Hiring a skillful manager such as Pellegrini will surely help pave their path to victory. Regarding the players, Pellegrini also said that he might need to get 4 or 5 new players to help the team grows. There is still no news about those players, but as usual, news will spread quickly, especially those which spread through sports news and gambling site, such as 188bet.

The Chilean manager will join West Ham with Ruben Cousillas as his assistant. He will take the very same place left by David Moyes who left the club. According to Sullivan, the club appointed manual for his impressive performance, especially his talents in playing offensive football. He is also quite talented in bringing the full potential of every player. He might need some time to adapt but when the time comes, he believes that Pellegrini will bring West Ham closer than ever to winning championship titles.

To have someone as skillful as Pellegrini is like dream comes true for all West Ham players. All those hopes make sense because Pellegrini is the only manager in West Ham history who ever achieved Premier League title. He has everything West Ham needs to proudly stand on their own feet.

We still have no insight on the deal, but it seems Pellegrini might become the most expensive manager West Ham ever has. Hiring someone like Pellegrini also proves West Ham’s commitment to bring the best manager to their team. They have no time to waste right now and hiring Pellegrini is probably the best choice they have ever made.

During his time at Manchester City, Pellegrini brought the club to win the Premier League title (2013-14) and two EFL Cups. Even though he failed to bring City to win the Champions League trophy, he still managed to bring them as close as the semi-final.

These are the exact experiences West Ham needs right now. They are dealing with serious problems since last season. Until this season, they have only won 7 Premier League games. This is far worse than their previous records. The problems are too serious that they need someone so skillful and experienced in dealing with serious problems, someone like Manuel Pellegrini.