Tips for Travelling with Prescription Glasses

Tips for Travelling with Prescription Glasses

Nobody particularly likes packing for a trip. Whether you’re going for a fortnight or a weekend, there always seems to be something else you need to fit into your luggage, and you almost always find you’ve either packed things you don’t need, or – more annoyingly – you’ve forgotten to pack something crucial.

This rather ubiquitous travel annoyance is all the more problematic for those of us who wear prescription glasses, as we also have to content with the extra items (lens cleaners, frames, cases, cloths, etc.) and a host of additional worries (are my frames covered by my insurance? What if I lose them? Do I know my prescription?).

So, for any glasses-wear planning on taking a trip om the coming months, here are 3 simple tips to make your life that little bit easier:

  1. Know your prescription, and have a physical copy of it

If you lose or break your prescription lenses while you’re travelling, you’ll need to know your prescription in order to get a replacement. Many people recommend having a digital copy saved to your phone, but I’d go one step further and have both a digital and physical copy with you. That way, you’re covered in any eventuality, even if your phone dies and you don’t speak the local language.

Bear in mind that it may take some time to get replacement prescription lenses, which is no good if you need them to get around or you’re only in that place for a short period of time. For this reason, I tend to take a spare pair with me whenever I travel, just in case. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a spare set of designer frames, just a cheap back-up option will do. I always take a cheap pair of frames with me in my luggage, so that if I do lose my rather expensive Oakley prescription glasses, I can simply use the emergency frames while I wait for a proper replacement.

  1. Always, always bring a hard case

I have a lot of friends who have used a soft case for their glasses (or worse haven’t taken a case at all), and they’ve ended up being broken in transit or sat on during the holiday. Always take a strong, protective case for your frames whenever you’re travelling. Not only will they lessen the likelihood of your glasses being broken, but they’ll help you keep track of them too.

  1. Bring a repair kit!

Travelling usually means lot of exercise and movement, plenty of sweat and dust and generally more wear-and-tear for your frames. You don’t want to end up having to fork out for a new pair just because a screw comes out, so pack a repair kit in your luggage to ensure you can quickly deal with minor problems before they become more annoying. I’d also recommend a microfibre lens cloth so you can easily keep your lenses clean while you’re travelling.