Should you Accept Online Casino Welcome Bonuses?

Should you Accept Online Casino Welcome Bonuses?

In this world, nothing comes for free. Or so they say. For many, the exception to this rule is online casino welcome bonuses. It appears that every online casino or sports betting site is only happy to give away free money, chips, or spins just to get you through their doors. It sounds great, right? However, for those who fail to read the terms and conditions of these offers, things don’t always go according to plan.

Why You Should Tread Carefully

Think of it like this: welcome bonuses, for the most part, are not free. Most are only awarded once you deposit. This means that you are paying for the privilege of the bonus, which is something of an investment or incentive rather than you simply being given something for free. One thing many players do if they are unsure, when it comes to free bets, is to use a site like to find the right welcome bonus for them.

The main reason why you should always tread carefully when choosing a welcome bonus is that there are conditions built into them, almost always. These limitations may not be suitable for some, but then again, may be perfect for others. Kind of like your favorite sport, it comes down to the individual. For example, some players may not have the time to work through a turnover requirement on the bonus which makes it useless. Others may have that time, and be more judicious in how they work towards turning that offer in their favor.

Common Turnover Requirements

As a casino or betting site has to protect themselves from bankruptcy when they are giving away these offers, they will build terms and conditions into the bonuses in order to minimize the chances of players winning. Common turnover requirements tend to be applied across the board. For example:

A £50 free welcome bonus is offered when signing up to a new sports betting site. In order to get this bonus, you will need to deposit £50 of your own money, which brings your balance to £100. Some sites may require that, before the combined figure can be withdrawn, the bonus and deposit (£100) must be turned over a total of 25 times. Before you can withdraw any cash, therefore, you must wager £2,500.

This is a typical method that betting sites will factor in, but this is on the extreme end of things.

No Deposit Bonuses

The holy grail for many players, no deposit bonuses are simply an incentive to attract players who do not need to deposit to get a free bet. This can be an excellent thing for players, as it gives them the opportunity to make money without having to deposit in the first place. Many of the conditions associated with this type of bonus are unrestricted. For example, you may have a free £10 bet which, should you win, will pay the winnings to you minus the stake! Not bad at all!

In Conclusion

Free bets and bonuses can be an excellent way to bolster your bankroll. When it comes to deciding whether or not to accept this type of bonus, reading the terms and conditions may influence your decision.