List Of Psychic Abilities And Reading Tools

List Of Psychic Abilities And Reading Tools

There are many different psychic abilities that exist and that can be highlighted. However, some are more common than others. We will focus on those that often appear so that you can understand the main differences between them. At the same time, the abilities are not always useful without some reading tools. That is why we should also mention some popular tools whenever discussing some psychic abilities.

Common Psychic Abilities

4 psychic abilities are much more common than others. They are:

  • Claircognizance

You can define this as clear knowing. A person that has the psychic ability just knows things that they should not know under any logical way. People tend to have insight flashes, like getting a really strong feeling that there is danger somewhere. As an example, a person with claircognizance will know when they have to take a different road to avoid the possibility of having a car accident.

  • Clarivoyance

This is basically clear seeing. The clairvoyant is a person that can see information that is intuitive in a visual way. He/she can simply see a symbol, a name or a number. This does not always mean too much and the vision is not necessarily dramatic or complex. However, information is received, normally through the mind’s eye. As an example, you can guess how coins will land after tosses at better rates than another person.

  • Clairaudience

Just as the name implies, this is clear hearing. The person with the psychic ability will hear things, just as if there is someone else in the room that tells him something that has to be known. It is similar to how we hear our voice as we read. Information about future events or situations can be heard like knowing when you will run into a friend.

  • Clairsentience

This is the physical ability that many do not know much about since we can translate it by saying clear feeling. Individuals with this skill can offer practical advice without any actual explanation. They are intuitive empaths and can gain a really strong empathic connection with others. As an example, someone with this psychic ability can feel when someone is angry or sad even if there is no clear sign that this is the case.

All of these 4 psychic abilities are not properly understood by people. This includes the individuals that actually have the skills. It is necessary to gain guidance in order to be able to use the skills in a proper way. However, with some practice, you can control the power associated with these abilities.

Reading Tools Used During Psychic Readings

Most of the reading tools that exist these days are used by those that have psychic abilities based on a subjective approach and the ability that exists. There are many psychics that will use them in order to reach the astral plane. While a tool will not offer answers and will not normally show the exact future, it does guide the reader towards the correct answer.

There are clear differences between the tools and what they are capable of doing. Psychics have to choose those items that are best for the skill and for the goal of the reading. For instance, online tarot readers will have absolutely no reason to use a birth chart, unless the reading is much more complex than simple tarot. Those that rely on meditation will need to visit an online yoga store to buy specific meditation equipment and so on.

Birth Charts

Astrology is normally not that much connected with psychic readings but psychics from all around the world use the knowledge that is offered by astrology in order to offer better readings for people that want help. Birth charts offer great information that allows the reader to make good deductions. This includes birth date, exact birth time and much more.

A birth chart will not reveal anything about the past. However, it can offer information about the way in which you act in specific situations. It can easily point out talents you knew nothing about and various potentials you are not aware of right now.

The great thing about the chart is that you do not necessarily need a psychic or an astrologer to read your birth chart. There are many articles online that give you the needed information to use the chart. That can be useful if you do not want to offer birth details to a stranger.

Crystal Balls

You surely saw crystal balls, especially in movies, since they were always synonymous with the carnival fortune teller. Many think that this is just a scam tool but the truth is that the ball can be really useful for some psychics. The crystal ball will not show the future but can help in putting a genuine psychic in a trance. As the state is reached, psychic abilities become stronger, sharper. This means that it is really easy for the psychic to use the abilities that they have. The reading becomes more accurate.

Tarot Cards

These cards have been around for hundreds of years and you can easily learn how to use them on the internet. However, someone that has psychic powers will simply be able to use them better. These special cards with specific images will be able to offer important information about the future and much more. There are cards that tell you about events and cards that offer important answers that you need. Many think that tarot readers take advantage of positive thinking but this is not the case. It is actually hard to use the cards in a proper way.

Ouija Boards

Although the spirit board is presented in many books and movies, few actually know much about them and how they truly work. You are surely aware of how this board works and how it can connect with the spirit world. However, when a true connection is achieved, great results can appear. The only problem is that you should never use the Ouija board at home. Demonic possession can appear but you surely knew that, right? With something that is so powerful, especially when genuine and mystic, various problems can appear besides that, problems that are much more common in interacting with spirits.