Jump vs Push Starting Your Car

Jump vs Push Starting Your Car

Flat batteries can happen for a number of reasons, but they can be incredibly annoying when they do. Thankfully, they’re one of the cheapest types of breakdown to remedy, and in many cases you won’t need to call anyone out, because it’s quite easy to get going again.

You’ve got two options.

The first is to push start the car; the rolling of the wheels will usually help you get the engine going again. There are a couple of problems here though; you’ll need a few people to do it, you’ll need space, it can be pretty awkward, and it’s not going to work in an automatic. This is really only an option if you don’t have any jump leads or can’t get another car to aid you, but there’s a guide here if you need it.

It’s best to jump-start.

Quite simply, jump-starting uses the power from a fully charged car to get the starter motor going of the car that’s broken down. This then gets the depleted battery charged again. It’s not at all difficult to do, and will be successful in all cases other than the battery being significantly damaged.

Follow this guide to successfully jump start a flat battery. Take special note of step 4 – you must not connect the negative lead to the negative terminal of the flat battery. It’s dangerous.