In Phoenix Ad Messages Are The Selling Point

In Phoenix Ad Messages Are The Selling Point

At first sight, creating an Ad seems like the easiest thing to do. However, as you get into the process of writing you advertisement message, the process begins to be more daunting. This is when you realize that you are only allowed to write few words in a limited space, despite having many things to say about your business.

Many, therefore, end up bragging about their successes and writing an about-us Ad instead on being informative. There are major elements of any advertisement that a person should include into their body rub business advertisements to ensure leads and sales.

Some of the common elements include:

  • The benefit

Many people are not looking forward to giving you money. They rarely even think about giving anyone the money for that matter, unless the people provides a valuable benefit to them in return. In other words, people do not buy your massage. Instead, they buy the benefit, which they hope to gain from your body rubs services. This should, therefore, be your priority message in your advertisement.

The benefit of your body rubs services or products should be the value that they enjoy reaping from your business. These includes tender care, scrutiny… etc. You should not talk about high class, or beautiful unless you are sure your customers are looking for such benefits.

This demands research on your audience to figure out what they love or hate, since both appeals can result in great returns.

  • The Offer

People in Phoenix love to make comparisons. If your competitors pricing list differs from yours with cents, people will still prefer them over you. This is because everyone wants a better deal.

The value proposition, therefore, should designed to make the pricing of the item seem smaller than the benefit acquired. For instance, if your massage services are expensive, ensure to list more than one benefit that makes the deal seem less pricy.

This helps reduce the mental barriers in your prospects and lead them to make the purchase.

  • About You

People also care about the person whom they purchase their products from. According to research, many customers will prefer distance body rubs/ massage hubs if the manager and the business etiquette is something admirable.

While creating an Ad, you need to make sure that your prospects identify you as a professional and trustworthy person to do business with. You can do this by adding quality images, videos, and also testimonials about yourself and your business. This helps people to trust you and want to do business with a person like you.

  • Clear Call-to-Action

After capturing your audiences’ trust, now it’s time to ask for the purchase, signup, or a click to your website. You should make sure that you create actionable guidelines on how to do what you claim is required. Some advertisers add call to actions such as scheduling calls, and booking events, which turn out to be dead ends or expired offers.

While creating a call-to-action, ensure that you are certain about what you want your prospects to do. If the offer is expired, ensure to update your call-to-action to mention this, or replace it with another actionable deal.


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