How Hiking Can Make You Happier

How Hiking Can Make You Happier

One of the quintessential tips for tackling mental illness that comes to mind almost immediately is getting outside. In today’s world, we are often made aware of the importance of mental well-being through many walks of life. From self-help books, to guides and even group activities, the road to happiness is seemingly commercialised.

What is interesting is that in recent news, a study published in Ecopsychology has shown that hiking drastically improves mental wellness. While it is already known that hiking can be a serious workout and help you stay physically fit, it has also shown to be beneficial mentally. Have you ever seen an outdoorsman unhappy? Probably not. With that being said, here is a guide to just how hiking can make you happier:

Being Out In The Sunshine

The body loves a healthy dosage of Vitamin D, and its preferred way of getting this is through sunlight. It is known that exposure to sunlight also helps maintain your body’s natural clock, which further prevents seasonal-disorder and other illnesses. It is also known as the natural mood-booster, so it definitely plays a part in mental-wellness. Just make sure that if you are prolonging your time in the sun that you cover up to avoid sun-burn. E-Outdoor offers some of the best light-jackets from big brands such as Barbour, who are renowned for their outerwear.

Energy Booster

Hiking is widely known as a great work of exercise, which makes the endorphins start to kick-in, making you feel a sense of vitality whilst venturing outside. With this new-found rejuvenation, you will have increased energy and a greater feeling of mental well-being.

Appreciating The Beauty Of Nature

Having the chance to experience some of the most picturesque views imaginable is what makes hiking such a popular as an activity to de-stress. It also makes you appreciate nature for what it is, as you can only really see it for what it is truly worth, putting all the worries in the world into prospective. Meaning that when stress decides to takeover, you have the ability to think back to this particular location, and feel at peace.

Hiking is an exercise that is left nearly unmatched in terms of the health benefits it produces both physically and mentally. It is a hugely relaxing activity that can be enjoyed in your own company or others as well, lightening the mind of all life’s daily stress.