Harry Kane and England Team for World Cup 2018

Harry Kane and England Team for World Cup 2018

Gareth Southgate has just named Harry Kane as the captain of England national team at this year’s World Cup in Russia. After scoring 41 goals last season in all competitions, the 24-year-old player may have become Southgate’s best option to bring back the World Cup trophy.

The World Cup will be the perfect moment for Harry Kane to prove his qualities. Southgate may believe in his skills and personal qualities, but it was not his manager that will bring back the trophy. Together with other England players, he should be able to beat any obstacle while they are in Russia. At least, for Kane, it will be not his first experiences captaining the England team. Southgate first trusted him with the badge last summer during the World Cup qualification match against Scotland. Thanks to him, England managed to end the match with a 2-2 draw. Since then, Southgate has deep trust in him. He was assigned as captain for at least 3 other occasions.

Despite some controversies, Harry Kane is undoubtedly a great player. He might have a chance to bring England at the top of the world’s football domination. His excellent performances have brought him popularity not only from football fans, but also from a lot of people, including critics and online bettors, such as 188bet, W88 etc.

So far, Kane has scored more than 10 goals in his 23 performances under the British flag. With this record, it is difficult not to see that Kane might have set a standard in every match he plays. It is probably thanks to this standard that Southgate eventually decided to honor him with a captain band under the British flag for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In a recent interview with the media, Southgate said that he has his own reasons for picking Kane as the captain. He believes that in order to handle such important role, someone must have high standards and faith. If the captain does not have these faith and standards, he will lose the true spirit of football and therefore, can never relay that spirit to other players.

After spending the last 18 months with his players, Southgate believes that it is Harry Kane that fits his description of a good captain. He may not be perfect or as good as other previous captain, but as long as he puts his belief in him, everything will run just fine.


As the manager, Southgate made the best decision. He had 2 options of World Cup Captain: Jordan Henderson and Harry Kane. They are both excellent players and each of them has their own strength and weaknesses. However, as a manager, he has to choose someone he enjoys working with. Henderson might be an excellent player, but Southgate enjoys working with Kane the most. It might be a personal reason, but as someone chosen to command the whole game, a manager needs to work with someone he can trust and who can trust him back. Southgate finds this quality inside Harry Kane.