Disability insurance - why do you need it?

Disability insurance – why do you need it?

You may be struck by an accident. Some are short term whereas others make you unable to work for a prolonged period. However, insurance will help you get a portion of your income during this period.


But in some cases, there might be a lot of complications. This might demand the interference of a law firm.

Statistically speaking

As per statistics as estimated 12.8% of the population between 21- 64 years had the chances of disability. Income serves to be the basic and essential need for many.


About 65% of Americans claim that life is difficult without getting the expected income. So a long term disability might tend to paralyse your entire normal life.


So whenever uncertainties knock at the door it is advisable to approach a law firm. For instance, https://caveylaw.com/    is also someone you can refer to.

How does long term disability insurance differ from short term disability insurance?

Short term disability allows you to get paid for a period which might be around 10 weeks. On the completion of the period, you will cease to get the amount. On the other hand, a long term disability case gets you nearly 60% of your income.

How does it qualify

They are a lot of people who tend to worry whether they’re having the condition is LTD. Anything that has impacted your health and daily schedule is a disability. It might either be a physical one or a psychological one.


A few examples are listed,

  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Back pain etc.


However, the insurance company would require you to hold documented evidence. That’s why most of them are insisted on getting themselves medically treated.


Insurance is keen on identifying errors. Even the smallest mistake might cost you. The will be looking for loopholes to reject your application. So there is a high chance of not getting the entire benefits.

Things to be noted

As complications are rarely not there, a lawyer or attorney is essential. Some pointers to be taken into consideration while choosing a lawyer are


  • Client testimonials – it is highly important that you get in touch with previous clients. They will help you understand the law firm better.


  • Service & experience – experienced one help you get things done easily. So it highly important that you look into the years of experience.


  • Fees –  make sure that you meet their fee requirements well before you hand them your case.


  • Comfort – this is a major aspect. If you can’t talk and ask questions freely then there is no point. Hire a lawyer who makes answers your questions honestly.


Make a good research before you consult them. Some of them provide free consultancy as well. Above all don’t be in a hurry.


Hence, it time you wake and understanding the requirements of your case. And that is when you can cater accordingly. Make sure you approach a law firm like https://caveylaw.com/  if it is highly challenging. Also, the last point will choose the right lawyer.